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Classic Extension Refresher Course

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 For the girls that already know what's up

This is a 2 day group course for certified lash artists to renew and refresh the information that they have learned. I promise you will take away information you were not previously taught during this training. This will be a time for learning and for asking questions and making connections. We'll talk about troubleshooting problems and personal scenarios we have been through to help our fellow lash artists. We will review your application process and give you helpful tips on how to improve time, understand what may be going wrong if you have been struggling and answer any questions you may have. This will follow a similar outline of Tuesday's classic training course but with more fluidity so that there is room for extended discussion.

This course will still provide you with our educator Lexi's specially curated kit. She has specifically picked out some of her favorite top of the line products so that you can be set up for success. At Tuesday we strongly believe in the power our products, having the best of the best will help you to do your best work and build a trusting relationship with your clients. This kit is valued over $300.

Your training won't end when you leave our course. You will have continued access to contact Lexi with any questions or concerns you may have. In this industry there are times you need to bounce ideas off of someone for business moves, troubleshooting retention problems and more. Lexi will be here to help whenever you need. Tuesday will also post continued education so that you can grow even after you leave. 

If you have more questions on the layout of this course or anything else regarding getting trained, please do not hesitate to contact us:-)